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Office Space

The Community Village is seeking a non-profit or social purpose agency to join our workplace hub.

We have great space available.

18 Feb. 2015 Posted by tcv

Safety & Security

In order to ensure that The Community Village is a safe & welcoming environment for everyone, we require that within our site there be: No Sleeping, No Soliciting, No Verbal Abuse, No Lewd Behavior, and No Loitering. Our tenant agencies, user-groups, neighbours and community members can play a big role in helping to keep our 'village' safe. Please report ANY activity you see that contradicts this code of conduct. If you see any kind of emergency call 9-1-1.

12 Jan. 2015 Posted by tcv in Programs

The Community Basket

The Community Basket     In partnership with Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau, The Community Village is pleased to offer The Community Basket, a small collection of donated toiletries and personal items available to those in need.The basket is located in the foyer of Building C, in The Community Village, and is accessible 9am - 4pm weekdays.Donations of new toiletry and personal items can be dropped off to Grande Prairie Volunteer Services Bureau, at the Reception Desk in Building C.For More information, contact us!